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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the language that informs Search Engines about your site.

Our SEO Services use Clean SEO and a Website Built for Search bringing organic (unpaid) and qualified visitors to your site.

We write the copy optimised for SEO and build the brand that’s needed for an online business.

It’s a seamless service providing a coherent result for you.

Our Performance Guarantee

SEO Services

We Keep  Our Promises

We guarantee you will see  improvement in the ranking of your web pages, or website or both (as per the contract).

If not, we’ll continue working for you beyond the contract, and without charge until there is an improvement.

We Don't Work For Your Competitors

Whether you’re an accountant, cafe owner or car repairer, if we have an SEO contract with you, you’re our only client in that sector.

Our Client List is Growing

Our business has flourished in the two years Hazel has been handling our marketing. We’ve grown our turnover significantly, taken on additional staff and moved to larger premises.

Do I need SEO Services?

Is SEO for Small Business Worth It?

If you’ve invested in a website you’ll need a return on that investment, i.e. qualified visitors.

So, yes you do need SEO  Services. Why? Because your website is one tiny speck among the 400,000,000 sites on the internet, and without SEO you’re all but invisible to your target market.

Frankly, without SEO, you’re not in the serious game.

No, in fact what’s known as Black Hat SEO can damage your business. Our advice is; never chase  instant results by trying to outsmart Google (or any other search engine for that matter). Why? They will catch you. And if they do it’s very likely they will penalise you, either by reducing your ranking or banning you altogether.

You must play by the rules using Clean (white hat) SEO to reap the rewards. And the rewards are big: Google’s #1 search result gets, on average, more than 30% of all clicks.

Serving up unique, valuable, accurate and engaging content is the search engine’s goal. If you provide it consistently and patiently, you too can get those clicks and the resulting traffic. And as long as your site has what your target wants you’ll get the conversions, and sales you’re chasing.

Our SEO packages start at $750 per month for 6 months. We give you a return on your investment, guaranteed.

Our Client List is Growing

I was introduced to Hazel by a good friend of mine. I was looking for someone who could build me a new website and help me market it.

Right from the beginning Hazel had some great ideas, she listened to my ideas and we worked closely together to get an amazing outcome.

I highly recommend Hazel if you want to grow your business.

photo of John Pires

John Pires

What is 'Clean SEO'?

It's Delivering for Search Engines & Your Business

Search engines have rules and if you want to rank on page #1 you have to play by them. The benefits are big. In contrast, the penalties if you break the rules are at least as big.

We play by the rules. First you need to know the rules. Then you need to work out how to abide by them while looking after your business and your target market.

We use a variety of reliable and very clever tools to strategise, apply and monitor your site’s SEO.

It's Playing by the Rules for a BIG Long-term Payoff

Google, and other major search engines have a goal: to deliver the best possible results to match the searcher’s query. All we have to do is support that goal.

Sounds simple, but it’s not. It demands a great deal of understanding of your product or service, your competitors, niche, target market and audience, and finally yourself.

We spend a lot of time researching all of this, and it pays off over time.

Our Client List is Growing

Hazel manages 3 brand websites for us and provides a complete service from web design, branding and copy, through to SEO and site improvements.

Hazel is responsive and quick to research and implement solutions when we want to roll out new ideas.

James Flaherty

James Flaherty

We Build Brands & write Copy for Search

Build Your Brand - Build you Niche

What’s the secret for building a great brand? Listening, observing, understanding. Identifying the target audience that wants the product or service you offer. Then communicating with that audience, on their terms.


Copywriting for Search & SEO

When we write for you, we know the purpose, we know the keywords, we know the goals.  We know the voice that speaks to your target audience.

How? We’ve been there from the ground up. Either because we developed the brand with you or because we’ve retraced your steps.

And we bring it all together in your copy. Copy optimised for search, for your target audience and for conversions.