What is SEO Web Design?

Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business

It’s web design with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) built-in. Why is that important? Because a  website must communicate with two audiences:

  • your target market, and
  • the search engines.

SEO is the language of the search engines, and we build that language into the structure of your website. Without it, your target market is unlikely to find your site.

The other vital component (which comes first in our process) is Marketing and Brand Development.

Our Process

For digital marketing services for small business

First we need to know:
1 - The target market.
2 - Why they’ll visit the site.
3 - How they’ll find the site.
We find out by using:
1 - Keyword research.
2 - Market analysis.
Keyword research and market analysis work together in digital marketing. They provide the answers and the direction.
They're a key component of our SEO Services.
Next we build your brand
An existing brand may be modified in response to the results of our research. Or a new brand can be created.
Now we develop the content
Remember, the content must speak to your audience AND the search engines. One cannot work without the other.
Content includes, copy, photos, graphics, video, slideshows. Anything that delivers the message to the target market. And the choice of media is always decided by the research we do at the very start.
Ongoing SEO Strategy
Organic traffic is what all SEO's - and ultimately their clients - want. It's the most valuable because it delivers the best Return on Investment (ROI).

SEO Web Design In Detail

SEO Web Design is a strategy that works continuously to serve the needs of your 3 most important entities: the search engines, your target market and your business.

It’s built into the copy, images, layout, tags and descriptions, headings, subheadings, apps, widgets and plugins and much, much more.


We Create Brands & write Copy for Search

Build Your Brand - Build you Niche

What’s the secret to creating a great brand? Listening, observing, understanding. Identifying the target audience that wants the product or service you offer. Then communicating with that audience, on their terms.


Copywriting for Search & SEO

When we write, we know the purpose, we know the keywords, we know the goals.  We know the voice that speaks to your target audience. How? We’ve been there from the ground up. And we bring it all together in your copy. Copy optimised for search, for your target audience and for conversions.